Al-Desti overthrows Escobar Hawara, the greatest baron of the Bsous

After dozens of search warrants were issued against him, in cases linked to drug trafficking, shootings in a residential area and his leadership of a criminal gang, the State Security Judicial Police of Agadir, on the basis of precise information provided by the services of the Regional Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance in Agadir, was able to arrest Escobar Hawara, nicknamed “Alwa”.

The detainee, previously mentioned by the newspaper “Heba Press”, represents the danger of this baron, who has formed what looks like a “cartel” comprising a certain number of drug traffickers with criminal records, and who has managed to control the drug market in Souss, using its network and a fleet of cars and motorcycles. Their main headquarters was between the regions of “Taroudant and Chtouka Ait Baha”.

After the shooting which occurred in a residential area “Douar Kartoun”, on the outskirts of the town of Ouled Taima, during a night raid led by the arrested man, accompanied by several members of his gang, as part of an operation aimed at keeping small developers away from the residential area, then “Al-Desti”, which began its research, moved and the network was dismantled after arresting most of them. Its members are located in several provinces of Souss, so comes the turn of the leader of the group. “cartel” whose criminal activity has ended.

The judicial police are continuing their investigations with the detainee under the supervision of the attorney general and are being heard by several police commissions and stations which have issued search warrants against “the baron”. residential area and create terror among residents, in addition to another case related to detention and rape and other accusations against the baron.

With the removal of “Escobar Hawara”, smuggling in Souss will have received a hard blow, while small promoters will once again become major promoters in an endless series.

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