Prisons deny violations in the local “Toulal 2” prison in Meknes.

The prison and reintegration administration denied today, Monday, allegations published on a website concerning “abuses against inmates in the disciplinary unit of the local prison of Toulal 2 in Meknes” and “blackmail exercised by employees to obtain financial gains from drug lords” and “exploitation of prisoners for the benefit of drug lords”.

In an explanatory statement, the administration said it immediately dispatched an inspection committee to conduct necessary investigations to verify the veracity of these allegations once it became aware of the article containing serious allegations concerning the physical security of a group of detainees in the local prison of Toulal 2.

Investigations confirmed that “the published allegations are nothing but slander aimed at exerting pressure on the employees of the establishment, in particular on the head of the security and disciplinary service, in order to dissuade them from continuing to fulfill their duties with the rigor required in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions governing the operation of penitentiary establishments.”

As for the allegation that the prisoners in charge of the work are exploited by drug lords, the explanatory statement confirmed that it “has no basis, because these prisoners carry out their tasks under the supervision of employees of the establishment, knowing that they were chosen from among inmates with good behavior.

The prison administration stressed that it “remains open to public opinion and the media, but it will always oppose false news and defamatory allegations published about prison establishments, whether through traditional media or of social media”, noting that, given the seriousness of the allegations published in this article, she has decided to take the site concerned to court.

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