Tennis: The U14 Boys and Girls Champion of Africa and qualify for the World Championship and Aya EL AOUNI brilliantly wins the Antalya W15 tournament


Our U14 national teams, both boys and girls, won the African Under-14 Championship, which took place in Tunisia. These victories open the doors to the World Championship in the Czech Republic.

All Moroccans congratulate our Lion Cubs from the Tennis Atlas for their performances as well as their coaches Mr. ABDERRAZAK Hamid and Mr. EL RHABA Mohamed, for their dedication and expertise, without forgetting the considerable efforts made by Mr. ZEMRANI Zakaria, Member of the Moroccan Delegation, for his support and continued commitment.

On the other hand, the Moroccans were able to be proud of a new victory for Aya EL AOUNI, who brilliantly won the W15 tournament in Antalya. This success marks his second consecutive title after his victory last week, bringing his career W15 titles to three.

In the final, Aya won against Valeriya YUSHCHENKO with a score of 6-2, 2-0, before her opponent gave up.

In addition to her singles triumph, Aya also reached the doubles final, where she teamed up with Valeriya YUSHCHENKO.

Congratulations to the performances which continue to promote Moroccan Tennis on the international scene.

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