FRMF/FIFA: Certification course for instructor trainers of coaches


A certifying training course for football coach trainer instructors in Morocco was launched Monday in Casablanca, at the initiative of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) and FIFA (international federation).

This training course will award an instructor certificate recognized by FIFA and the CAF (African Confederation), allowing participants to direct and lead CAF training courses.

A total of seventeen selected Moroccan coaches are taking part, from May 13 to 17, in this course after having validated five online training modules. They will thus have the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills in the field of coach training.

This event marks an important step in the process of developing football in the Kingdom, investing in the training of coaches to promote excellence and innovation in the field of football.

On this occasion, the expert of FIFA instructors, Giovani Fernandes affirmed, in a statement to MAP, that this new project has already provided candidates with more than 150 hours of online training, explaining that the course is beginning its phase face-to-face to allow the application of the different theories developed within the framework of the program.

For his part, UEFA/FIFA instructor Dany Ryser highlighted the importance of this project which will sharpen the skills of trainers which will ensure optimal efficiency for coaches and players, noting that the training of coaches is an element key to the development of football.

For his part, CAF/FIFA instructor Mayacine Mar underlined that the international federation has developed for several years a training framework for coach trainers in favor of national federations, dedicated to supporting training in the beneficiary countries, specifying that the trained candidates will be the only ones capable of training coaches.

This course also constitutes an opportunity for personal and social development for coaches, who will also be able to update their knowledge and consolidate their knowledge, he continued.

For his part, Union Touarga sports coach Abdelouahed Zamrat praised the efforts of the Federation which allowed the exchange of experiences with international experts, adding that this program will strengthen the skills of candidates and boost the level of football at the national level.

This face-to-face training course will offer participants total immersion in the practical and interactive content of the training. The winners of this intensive program will be supported to validate their certificates and guarantee the appropriate application of the knowledge acquired.

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