Upcoming launch of an Amazigh distance learning platform


The Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, Chakib Benmoussa, announced, Monday in Rabat, the upcoming launch of a digital platform for distance learning of the Amazigh language for the benefit of students, with the aim of accelerate the pace of learning this language and support efforts for its gradual generalization.

A series of practical measures have been taken by the ministry in order to improve the teaching of the Amazigh language in the education system, in accordance with the high royal will and in application of the content of the framework law and the government plan, underlined Mr. Benmoussa in response to two oral questions in the House of Representatives on the teaching of the Amazigh language.

In terms of human resources and continuing training, the number of Amazigh language teachers has increased, from 200 teachers in 2021 to 600 teachers per year, in addition to the training of the first class of educational inspectors for the primary education in the Amazigh language, he said.

To strengthen the capacities of teachers in teaching the Amazigh language, training was launched last week in all regions for the benefit of 4,400 teachers (double specialization), the government official also said.

Mr. Benmoussa also expressed his department’s concern to ensure the presence of at least one Amazigh teacher in each establishment, in order to achieve the objective of covering primary education establishments in 50% in 2026 and achieve the generalization of the teaching of this language in 2030.

Regarding developments at the educational level, the minister highlighted the updating of the Amazigh language program at primary level, in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, as well as the publication of seven new Amazigh language school textbooks covering the six years of primary education, in addition to the provision of teaching guides and digital resources covering the school curriculum.

The national Education Department is studying with the private sector the possibility of integrating the Amazigh language into private establishments, he said, noting that there is also talk of including this language in national competitions, regional and provincial and to promote Amazigh culture in artistic, cultural and educational projects.

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