Success of the Fourth edition of the “Road to Marrakech”, the largest gathering of large motorcycles with 58 countries from different continents, 800 participants


30 African countries from 58 countries on different continents, or more than 800 participants who took part, last weekend, in the “trip to Marrakech, capital of African cycling” initiated by the Crimson Aces Association which is masterfully led by the young Othman Lahbabi still under the aegis of the FRM de Motocyclisme

This fourth edition of the Marrakech Big Bike Race was therefore designed to publicize the riches of the city of Marrakech but above all also the Al Haouz Region, after the famous earthquake which struck this locality

It should also be noted that the route chosen this year took the participants from Marrakech to Amezmiz, Isni, My Brahim, Tahanaout, Eureka, and other sites which amazed the motorcyclists.

Mohamed Othman Al Hababi, founder of the Crimson Aces association and current organizer of the Tour, declared that this tourist sporting event was a great success, particularly accompanied by a number of cultural and recreational activities.

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