Tetouan local prison administration denies allegations of assault on inmate


The administration of the local prison of Tetouan affirmed that the detainee (SB) was not the subject of any aggression, neither from the officials of the penitentiary establishment nor from the other detainees.

In a clarification in reaction to a video posted on social networks by the mother of detainee SB, incarcerated at the local prison of Tetouan, in which she says that “her son was beaten by one of the officials”, “ that he inflicted injuries on himself after being placed in a disciplinary cell” and “that he was treated at the establishment’s clinic, instead of being transferred to the hospital”, the prison administration emphasizes that the mother’s comments are only an attempt to cover up her son’s bad behavior.

The same source specifies that the said prisoner, a repeat offender (incarcerated 3 times), known for his aggressive behavior towards the staff of the establishment and its residents, had attacked a prisoner on March 19, recalling that the inmate was brought before a disciplinary commission which had decided to place him in an individual disciplinary cell for five days, but the execution of this sanction was provisionally suspended.

On May 6, the detainee in question threatened the officer in charge of neighborhood surveillance, refused to obey the morning call and as a result, was placed in an individual disciplinary cell in accordance with the sanction he had received. object before.

After his placement in an individual disciplinary cell, the resident inflicted injuries on his chest and thigh, which required his transfer to the establishment’s clinic, continues the update, specifying that his injuries were dealt with before the disciplinary measure against him was suspended to place him in a new cell, where he attacked a fellow inmate by breaking three of his teeth.

The same source notes that on August 29, 2023, the mother of the said detainee, who made false statements in the video recording, had been arrested in possession of 6 grams of chira and a quantity of cocaine, heroin and psychotropic tablets that she tried to pass to one of her relatives incarcerated in the same establishment.

The competent public prosecutor’s office was notified at the time and the person in question was handed over to the police, concludes the administration of the local prison of Tetouan.

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