Feryal Al-Ziari shines at the Cannes Film Festival in a caftan combining luxury and Amazigh culture*


The 77th edition of the Cannes Film Festival was marked by the dazzling appearance of Moroccan presenter and star of the series “Misk Lil”, Feryal Al-Ziari, who set the red carpet on fire with her magnificent and unique outfit, designed by the international fashion house Fatim, from world-renowned designer Fatim Filali Idrissi. Although she is actively present in the media field, her participation in this global event was an exceptional experience, as she confirmed that it was her first participation in this global cinematic event.

After finishing filming episodes of the series “Misk Lil” in the capital Rabat, Feryal Al-Ziari flew to Cannes to accompany one of the most important film festivals in the world. Upon arriving at the festival, she had the opportunity to meet movie stars, directors and artists, and her luxurious Moroccan caftan outfit added a touch of distinction and elegance. Her brilliance was not limited to her outward appearance; she also brought a touch of the rich Moroccan culture with her presence, adorning herself with authentic Amazigh accessories representing Moroccan Amazigh heritage, thus making her appearance unforgettable and worthy of praise.

During these moments, Feryal Al-Ziari took the opportunity to interact with film stars and artists, sharing discussions and experiences, making his experience at the Cannes Film Festival a historic moment worth celebrating.

It should be noted that Moroccan cinema is represented in a remarkable manner during this prestigious festival, in particular with the film “All love Toudah” by director Nabil Ayouch, presented in the official selection of the festival in the “Cannes Première” category. Morocco is also represented by the director,

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