Today, inauguration of the 12th edition of the “mata” international horse riding festival: great performance


Today officially began the festivities of the 12th edition of the international “mata” horse riding festival under the sign of reunion between all the components of the Chorfas Mawali Abdessalam ben Mchich and the Arbaà Ayacha community, district of Znaid, but also of all lovers of this grandiose cavalry event and competition for this famous “Doll” around which is located the actual base of the Festival which attracts so many people from all the Regions of Morocco

The inauguration of the festival was enhanced by the presence of the Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration and Family Awatef Hayar, the Wali of the Tangier – Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region, notaries, Ambassadors and other high-ranking personalities civil and military

It should be noted that the national press, including that of Laàyoune and Dakhla and the international press, had a strong presence on the ground, thus giving high notoriety to the event, without forgetting the fact that the public was also part of the celebration, moment when the organizers at their head, the young Omar Hajji, the director of the festival, were up to the task and did not skimp on the means

The party was fully convincing and high-end on all levels under the leadership of Mr. Nabil Baraka, the president of the Alamia Laaroussia Association for Social and Cultural Action, who was always in the oven and in the mill, omnipresent and forever there where it is necessary, leaving nothing to chance and it is clear that his experience prevails in more than one way

The presentation of the festival dazzled everyone present and gives the impression that this year will be even stronger and more attractive, moreover that it favored our Southern Provinces which were well celebrated and of which “Mata” is naturally a part

We must recognize that this positive start will give new impetus to everyone to guarantee them a resounding success.

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