National security fascinates the world… The spirit of professionalism and creativity during the celebration of the 68th anniversary of the foundation

Hibapress / Mustapha OUAGHZIF

When safety meets excellence and history, the event transforms into a visual and sound festival that attracts eyes and captivates hearts. This is exactly what happened during the annual ceremony celebrating the 68th anniversary of the creation of the General Directorate of National Security, which this year coincided with the fifth edition of the Open Days organized in Agadir. Many distinguished personalities and foreign guests were present to enjoy these exceptional moments, as part of the opening of the Open Doors festivities in its fifth edition in the Renaissance city, Agadir.

The ceremony began with the national anthem which ignited the spark of pride and loyalty to the motherland. Then, various formations of the security units participating in the ceremony were presented, instilling a strong spirit of discipline and professionalism.

However, it was the inaugural speech of the ceremony that particularly attracted attention. The speech by the director of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Social Works on behalf of the General Directorate of National Security conveyed a welcome message reinforcing the values ​​of solidarity and national unity, while evoking the memory of the earthquake of High Atlas that we knew previously.

The opening speech also highlighted the importance of the Open Days organized this year in Agadir, considered the culmination of previous communication initiatives. Then, the Director General of Interpol and the Secretary General of the Council of Arab Ministers of the Interior delivered speeches of thanks and recognition to His Majesty the King, praising the role of Moroccan security organs in strengthening security and peace at regional and global levels.

The various and important formations of intervention groups, equipment and sophisticated vehicles presented strengthened the capacities of the National Security and the General Directorate of National Territorial Surveillance. The ceremony not only featured this impressive display, but also included engaging security and response presentations, as well as the screening of documentaries highlighting the efforts of the National Security. To demonstrate recognition and tribute to the sacrifices of the security forces, several of them were decorated with royal decorations, giving the ceremony a touch of prestige and respect.

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