Agadir: End of the academic cycle of preparatory training for the “African Lion 2024” exercise

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As part of the organization of the “African Lion 2024” cooperation exercise, the academic cycle of preparatory training ended on Friday, at the headquarters of the South Zone General Staff, in Agadir.

The closing of these training courses was marked by a ceremony for awarding certificates to nearly 350 Moroccan and foreign officers and non-commissioned officers from partner countries.

Speaking on this occasion, Major General Mohammed Benlouali, Chief of Staff of the South Zone, stressed that these training courses concerned, in addition to the different areas and aspects related to the exercise, “the analysis intelligence”, “planning”, “Joint targeting”, “logistics support planning”, “cyber security”, “special operations planning” and “crisis communications techniques”.

For his part, Brigadier General William Wilkerson of the US Army affirmed that “African Lion continues to be the premier multinational exercise in Africa and helps us all strengthen mutual understanding through cooperation and the sharing of ideas. ”.

On the High Instructions of His Majesty the King, Supreme Leader and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the “African Lion 2024” exercise will be jointly conducted, for the twentieth time, by the Royal Armed Forces ( FAR) and their American counterparts, from May 20 to 31 in Benguerir, Agadir, Tan-Tan, Akka and Tifnit.

Around 7,000 elements of the armed forces from around twenty countries in addition to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will take part in these maneuvers in Morocco, alongside the Royal Armed Forces and the American Armed Forces. large-scale military.

The “African Lion 2024” exercise includes several activities including tactical, land, maritime and air exercises, combined, day and night, a special forces exercise, airborne operations, as well as an operational planning exercise for executives of the “Task Force” staffs.

This twentieth edition also includes training to combat weapons of mass destruction and a range of medico-surgical and social services provided for the benefit of the population of the Akka region by a military field hospital.

Contributing to the strengthening of operational, technical and procedural interoperability between the participating armies, the “African Lion 2024” exercise, the largest exercise conducted in Africa, remains an unmissable event where military executives come together to exchange information. procedures and experiences, particularly in terms of training and combined joint training.

This twentieth edition testifies to the sustainability which characterizes the cooperation between the FAR and the American Armed Forces, reflecting the historical and solid links which bind the two countries.

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