Tribute to Bennasser Oussikoum at SIEL in Rabat: A Model of Excellence and Humanity


On Saturday May 18, 2024, the “TAWASSOL” room of the International Publishing and Book Fair (SIEL) in Rabat vibrated with palpable emotion during a ceremony dedicated to the memory of Bennasser Oussikoum. Orchestrated by the Royal Institute of Amazigh Culture, this solemn commemoration brought together colleagues, friends, former students and relatives of the deceased, including his children and grandchildren.

The event saw the participation of renowned Moroccan academic figures, such as El Houssain El Moujahid, Mounir Oussikoum, Ahmed Bououd and Barbara Rahma, under the attentive and empathetic moderation of Fatima Boukhris, the rector of the institute, Ahmed Boukous, as well as other eminences, were also present to pay vibrant tribute to Bennasser Oussikoum, in recognition of his exceptional contributions to linguistic research and the promotion of Amazigh culture.

El Houssain El Moujahid described Bennasser Oussikoum as a pillar of knowledge, highlighting his work on the Amazigh-French dictionary, essential to the preservation of the Amazigh language and culture. Rahma Barbara highlighted her indelible influence at the Faculty of Letters of Béni Mellal, praising her dedication and passion for teaching.

The children of the late Bennasser Oussikoum, Mounir and Souad, spoke with emotion about personal aspects of their father’s life, illustrating his integrity, his kindness and his unconditional love which touched all those who knew him. The ceremony ended with testimonies from various participants, who unanimously praised his honesty and his deep commitment to Amazigh culture.

Through this tribute paid to SIEL, the scientific community, and in particular specialists in Amazigh studies, celebrates not only the memory of Bennasser Oussikoum but also his enduring legacy of love and humanity, which continues to inspire and guide .

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