Azilal: A man in his forties kills a person suspected of marital infidelity

After two days of research and investigation into the circumstances of the commission of a murder, during which a person was killed, members of the Royal Gendarmerie in Ait Etab, Azilal province, were able to solve the mystery of the crime after having achieved identity. from its author, the main reason was the suspicion that the victim was hiding his wife.

The accused of the crime, still on the run, fatally hit the man who was hiding behind his wife in the middle of an agricultural field.

Local sources suggested that the crime was due to suspicions of marital infidelity with another person, who lived in the same roundabout, which forced him to watch his step, before catching her at the inside one of the agricultural fields and deliver a fatal blow, hitting him. on the ground.

The same source adds that elements of the Royal Gendarmerie found the body of the deceased thrown in the middle of the field, to be transported to the morgue, in order to undergo a medical autopsy.

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