Inauguration of a plasterboard factory in Safi


The industrial fabric of the province of Safi has just been strengthened with the inauguration, Friday in the territorial commune of Sidi Tiji (province of Safi), of an industrial unit, the first of its kind in Morocco, specializing in the manufacture of plasterboard used in building construction.

With a total investment of 350 million DH, this unit, built over a total area of ​​8 ha, specializes in the manufacture of plasterboard, plaster and plaster mortars.

Using the most sophisticated and modern technologies in this field, this factory ensures a production capacity of 20 million m2 of plasterboard per year, 660,000 tonnes of plaster and 180,000 tonnes of plaster mortars, in addition to guaranteeing 450 jobs. , including 150 direct and 300 indirect.

The inauguration ceremony of this industrial unit was enhanced by the presence in particular of the governor of the province, Lahoucine Chaynane, the director of various industrial activities at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, heads of external services, elected officials and other personalities.

In a speech for the occasion, Mr. Chaynane welcomed the inauguration of this ultra-modern industrial unit which reinforces the economic and industrial dynamics experienced by the province of Safi, highlighting the significant potential and the enormous potential that the province in terms of gypsum capable of allowing it to better position itself on a national scale in this area.

After highlighting the enthusiasm experienced by the plaster sector due to the urban dynamics and the evolution experienced by the construction and building sector in Safi and the entire region, without forgetting the possibility of directing a significant part of production towards foreign markets, Mr. Chaynane expressed the ambition of the City of Oceans to become the capital of the plaster industry on a continental scale.

The governor also reviewed a series of structuring development projects, particularly in the field of road infrastructure capable of further promoting the industrial attractiveness of the province, reiterating the continued commitment of the provincial authorities to encourage investment and to support project leaders, in particular through the facilitation of administrative procedures and procedural measures, in application of the high instructions of King Mohammed VI.

For his part, Taoufik Rbiai, director of various industrial activities at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, indicated that this new project aligns perfectly with the strategic orientations of the government aimed at strengthening industrial sovereignty, under the enlightened leadership of the King Mohammed VI.

“This industrial unit will have to favor local production, reducing the use of imports and promoting exports, particularly to Africa,” he added, noting that this new project symbolizes the culmination of a vision bold aiming to complete the production chain relating to the plaster sector.

In the opinion of this official, this project materializes Morocco’s commitment to the establishment of a sovereign and competitive national industry. This industrial unit will therefore serve as a locomotive for the plasterboard sector, whose needs of construction professionals in Morocco are met by imports, he said.

“This investment is not only a project of the Damane Gypsum company, but a national project whose fruits will be reaped both on the national scene, through the satisfaction of local needs and the encouragement of investment, and at continental level, through Morocco’s positioning on the African market,” he said.

Hamid Damane, general manager of “Daman Gypsum”, gave a detailed overview of this flagship project and its contributions to promoting local and national plaster production, with a focus on the multiple opportunities to develop its exports to promising foreign markets.

After highlighting the enormous potential and opportunities offered by the province of Safi in terms of development of this industry, he expressed his deep gratitude to the provincial authorities for the support and support, particularly in terms of facilitation of the act of investing and related procedures.

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