General Assembly of the Royal Motorcycle Club: 14 years of continuous work.


The city of Rabat hosted, last week, the work of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Royal Motorcycle Club, an important organizational step, which constitutes the continuity of a long journey of development and hard work at the social, medical, educational and tourist influence.

The President of the Royal Club Mr. Hicham Bennani began his speech by welcoming the participants and highlighting all the efforts made over the last 14 years, which saw the organization of several national and international activities, including the Green March Tour and the Throne Cup Tour.

Hicham Bennani expressed his gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for his constant support and assistance, His Majesty having given his High Instructions to provide all facilities and assistance to the Royal Motorcycle Club, particularly within the framework of the Tour de Dakhla and the Moroccan Sahara.

Mr. Khaled El Kadiri, secretary general of the club, reviewed the literary report and the activities organized by the Royal Motorcycle Club, with data, figures and photos

Activities included organizing medical caravans, aid and medical examinations. The number of beneficiaries of social operations reached 3,039 people, according to Ms. Nisrine El Amrani. The number of examinations by specialties reached 6547 medical examinations. The medical convoys included all specialties, including neonatology, maternity, ophthalmology, pulmonology and cardiology, she said. As for the surgical convoys, they included several specialties and doctors were recruited to participate on a voluntary basis.

The number of human resources and personnel who contributed to the medical convoys reached 139 people, in addition to the efforts of the local authorities, the Royal Gendarmerie, the Auxiliary Forces and the various elements who actively participated in the success of all the organized activities. by the Royal Motorcycle Club.

It should be noted that the Darragh Foundation for Social and Charitable Works is independent of any social and charitable work inside and outside Morocco. It is made up of a specialized office made up of specialists in the fields in which the association is interested, of a committee specialized in medical, surgical and charitable convoys, blood donation campaigns, and of a scientific committee which organizes seminars and conferences on awareness, education, sport, encouragement of schooling, fight against school waste, construction and renovation of sports fields, team management or sponsorship » .

Mr. Mehdi Fertat, president of the Rabat section of the Royal Club, then presented the results and the various activities of the club, emphasizing the serious and effective involvement of all members and associates.

This was also underlined by Mr. Issam Nawasi, President of the Casablanca section of the Royal Motorcycle Club. He reviewed all the social, medical and tourist activities, as well as the tour organized in the region.

The Ordinary General Assembly of the Royal Motorcycle Club (CRM) saw the intervention of several branches of the club across the cities of Morocco, Safi, Oujda, Marrakech and Tangier.

At the end of the general assembly, which saw record attendance, the club office was renewed and a new headquarters was created. The club office was renewed and new members were introduced.

New members of the Royal Motorcycle Club were also welcomed and Mr. Hicham Bennani presented the club equipment to the new members.

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