the role of financial inclusion, an essential pillar of government programs aimed at economic and social inclusion


The National Financial Inclusion Strategy was adopted in 2019 with an organized structure
according to 7 levers whose perimeters were defined on the basis of an analysis of the inventory of fixtures
financial inclusion.

The implementation of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy continued. This is how the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Bank Al-Maghrib and the various stakeholders continued their initiatives, particularly in favor of the most disadvantaged segments. These efforts have enabled notable progress in terms of the Strategy’s levers, thus bringing the progress rate of its implementation to 66% in 2022.

Being a strategic framework body, the National Council for Financial Inclusion (CNIF) monitors
periodic monitoring of the progress of the National Financial Inclusion Strategy in order to
to guarantee implementation while ensuring coordination and consistency with policies

It is in this context that the Council held its third meeting on April 13, 2022 during which the
role of financial inclusion as an essential pillar of government programs
aimed at economic and social inclusion was recalled in particular given the difficult context
marked by the effects of the health crisis and the war in Ukraine.

Chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, the meeting was an opportunity
to welcome the major achievements for the benefit of vulnerable populations and VSEs, including
the adoption of laws and implementing texts relating to collaborative financing, microfinance
and microinsurance. Likewise, strategic directions have been defined in the face of the challenges
reported by representatives of the working groups, particularly in relation to the level of
penetration of mobile payments and the digitalization of payments.

Likewise, the council welcomed the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small Business,
Employment and Skills (MIEPEEC) as a new member of the governance bodies
and this, taking into account the prerogatives assigned to it in accordance with the new structure
of the government.

Furthermore, particular interest was paid to communication around the strategy in
inviting stakeholders to accelerate actions relating to visual identity, the web portal and
the organization of the first event of the strategy.

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