A person died in a popular bath in Marrakech and security forces open an investigation

The security authorities of the city of Marrakech mobilized their forces following the death of a person inside a popular bath in the Sidi Youssef Ben Ali district, Monday May 20 after midnight.

According to local sources, the deceased was a man in his fifties, indicating that he suffered a heart attack while taking a shower, before returning his soul to his creator, in the middle of the the astonishment and shock of the people present in the bathroom.

The same sources report that the security services of the 9th arrondissement, the technical and scientific police and the municipality of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali rushed to the aforementioned toilets, as soon as they learned the news, where they followed the procedures applicable in in such cases, before transporting the corpse to the morgue in order to control it. For medical anatomy.

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