Switzerland: No Polisario representation to the government or the United Nations Office in Geneva.

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland has confirmed that there is no official representation of the Polisario Front at the United Nations Office in Geneva or at the Federal Council (Swiss government), thus dealing a new blow to the separatists .

The department specified, in a note verbale addressed to the embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Bern, that “the Polisario Front office in Geneva does not benefit from any privileges or immunities in Switzerland”.

The department also confirmed that it has again drawn the attention of the so-called Polisario representative in Switzerland to avoid using names and titles suggesting that it is an official representation of the Polisario.

This is a severe blow to the Polisario by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, following the disorderly maneuvers of the so-called Polisario representative in Switzerland, who claimed to be the representative ambassador of this separatist front in this country, with the United Nations Office and international organizations in Geneva.

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