The Ryanair company announces unprecedented profits and is banking on Morocco for increased expansion.

Since its entry into the Moroccan market, Ryanair planes have almost full reservations for the majority of flights, whether domestic, connecting several cities in the kingdom, or international, providing transport between Moroccan airports and various European countries.

In this regard, the low-cost airline Ryanair announced that it had achieved record profits in its overall results, notably by opening up to new markets and expanding its growth in Africa through Morocco, thus benefiting from a broader customer base.

According to data published by the company of Irish origin, record annual profits of around two billion euros, precisely 1.9 billion euros, were achieved.

After-tax profits rose by more than a third in the year ending March from a year earlier as passenger numbers rose 9% to 184 million, around 23% more than the peak reached before the pandemic.

Ryanair plans to reach 200 million passengers this year, particularly with the arrival of the summer season and therefore the increase in demand for travel to several destinations, mainly Morocco.

It should be noted that Ryanair’s reduced fares have also helped to encourage many Moroccans to travel between the kingdom’s cities by plane, especially since the prices of certain flights booked in advance on Ryanair are lower than those of bus tickets for the same destinations.

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