Morocco-France: strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, cinema and cultural heritage


Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid held talks in Cannes with his French counterpart Rachida Dati, focusing on ways to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of culture, cinema and heritage. cultural.

During this meeting, which was an opportunity to highlight the dynamics experienced by Moroccan-French relations, described as exceptional, Mr. Bensaid stressed that it is imperative to strengthen bilateral cooperation, particularly in the area of the preservation of cultural heritage which is the subject of spoliation.

On this occasion, Ms. Rachida Dati learned about the various projects undertaken by Morocco in the cultural field, the interest given to tangible and intangible heritage and the efforts deployed by the Kingdom at the level of UNESCO and the Organization World Intellectual Property.

The two parties agreed to coordinate their efforts with a view to developing their bilateral cooperation at the UNESCO level in order to fight against the spoliation of cultural heritage and to exchange visits to strengthen cooperation in the cultural field.

At the end of this meeting, a bilateral agreement was signed on cinematographic co-production and exchange. It aims to clarify and simplify co-production procedures between Moroccan and French filmmakers, in addition to setting up a Joint Commission between the Moroccan Cinematographic Center and its French counterpart for the implementation of the said agreement.

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