Urgent..The charred body of a woman was found in a bag in the Agznaia district of Tangier

Ismaïl Bouyakoubi – Heba Press

Tuesday evening, the charred body of a woman was found inside a bag left in an empty space in the Ajnaya district, on the outskirts of Tangier.

According to data collected on site by Heba Press, this is the exploded body of a woman who was found in a bag in the ground of the third administrative annex of the Agznaia community, in the suburbs of Tangier.

The incident mobilized elements of the gendarmerie, who rushed to the scene after being alerted, accompanied by the crime scene team affiliated with the same agency. An investigation into the crime area was carried out and criminal fingerprints were noted as part of the research carried out by the gendarmerie. members of the gendarmerie under the control of the competent public prosecutor’s office.

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