Lachgar: the regime in Algeria insists on the rupture, believing that it weakens Morocco.

According to the first secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, “proposing autonomy as a solution to the question of the Moroccan Sahara is an opportunity for the regime and the military institution in Algeria to positively overcome the errors of the past. Morocco’s presentation of the autonomy proposal allows Algeria to save face, because it allows the return of people held in the Tindouf camps in Algeria to Morocco, to contribute to the societal project and the development of their country . »

Lachgar said: “Unfortunately, the regime in Algeria insists on the rupture, believing that it weakens Morocco, when the opposite is happening. »

He continued by saying: “The actions of the regime in Algeria, such as what happened during the African Cup semi-final match between the Algiers Medina Sports Union and Berkane Renaissance of Morocco, can only further isolate Algeria. What I fear is that Algeria’s desperation and isolation will push it to make rash decisions. It has already taken, without the patience of Morocco, and if we did not have a real State, things would have gotten out of hand. A few weeks ago, the town of Smara in the Moroccan Sahara was bombed from Algerian territory, and if Morocco had not been responsible and responded to this bombing, things would have escalated into war. » Lachgar told Al-Arabi Al-Hadith.

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