Algeria accuses Morocco of systematically drying up its dams.

The Algerian government has, as usual, accused Morocco of “systematically drying up the dams” located in the west of Algeria, according to a statement by the Algerian Minister of Water Resources, Taha Derbal, during his participation in the tenth International Water Forum held in Bali, Indonesia.

Algeria, which never misses an opportunity to try to export its internal crises by linking them to external conspiracies, spoke this time through its Minister of Water Resources. He condemned what he said was happening on the border with Morocco and affirmed that he would attract the attention of all international actors in this vital sector.

Derbal also said his country plans to take its concerns to the global level to raise awareness and put in place a strict plan to end Morocco’s aggravating practices.

It seems that Morocco’s dam construction policy, based on several principles aimed at improving the sustainability of water resources and strengthening the capacity to meet environmental and economic challenges, is increasingly worrying its eastern neighbor. The latter has failed to secure water and provide the necessary supplies for agriculture and drinking water to its citizens, as well as for other basic necessities such as milk and oil, which citizens Algerians struggle to obtain.

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