Asfi Gendarmerie foils attempted trafficking of around 10 tonnes of drugs

The gendarmerie services under the regional command of the Royal Gendarmerie of Asfi foiled an attempt at maritime drug trafficking as part of the international narcotics trade to the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The foiling operation, which took place near the gas station located at the entrance to “Sabet Gzoula”, falling within the territory of the province of Asfi, was the result of careful investigations carried out by the gendarmerie services, under the direction of regional and provincial commanders, and the rapid reaction of judicial police officers.

The successful intervention by the gendarmerie resulted in the arrest of two traffickers on board the truck loaded with bales of drugs, ready for international trafficking via the coast of Essaouira, with a total weight of around 10 tonnes. Four other suspects fled in a light car to an unknown destination. Investigations and research are underway to identify the fugitives with a view to arresting them and bringing them to justice.

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