1st Arab Academic Summit on Water: “Culture and heritage”


The Faculty of Sciences-Mohammed University of Rabat in Rabat and the Miftah-Essaad Foundation for the Intangible Capital of Morocco, in partnership with the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Water Embassy (based in France) are organizing the First “Arab Academic Summit on Water”.

This international event is held under the theme: “Culture and heritage”, from March 5 to 7, 2024 at the National Library of the Kingdom – Rabat.

This Summit will see the participation of eminent political and scientific figures, national and international. This Academic Summit will be preceded, on March 4, by an “Arab Youth Pre-Summit”, which constitutes a special platform for young people to discuss water issues, and whose recommendations will be presented during the Summit.

The objective of this event is to find solutions that take into account the rich Arab history in water management, while integrating advances in modern scientific research.

These solutions should meet the specific needs of the Arab region. It is an essential platform to discuss water-related challenges, share knowledge and research, and collaborate in finding solutions tailored to the specificities of the Arab region.

This event provides a valuable opportunity to address critical water-related issues and strengthen cooperation in this vital area.

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