AS Salé de Football: several politicians and parties involved in embezzlement of public funds from the team’s budget


From corroborating sources, Hibapress has just learned that the Salé Judicial Police Brigade summoned a certain number of personalities from the city of Salé to question them about the misappropriation of public funds from the budget of the AS football team. Dirty.

The list includes a well-known official of the Municipal Council of the city of Salé, as well as former officials of the club, but also other names notably from the political field and political parties who would be involved in suspicious financial transfers of players and even from the back of the club.

In addition, all these people would be involved in breach of trust, fraud and falsification, having disposed of hundreds of millions of the team’s budget without right, and in possession of questionable documents, which caused a crisis unprecedented for the club’s funds, which brought the latter towards the obvious fall towards the amateur division this year.

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