Humanitarian disaster: Death of 11 migrants from thirst after their expulsion from Algeria.

A report from the group “Alarm Phone Sahara” revealed that 11 migrants died of thirst in the desert between Algeria and Niger, in an area known as “point zero”, after being expelled by the Algerian regime , leaving them without water or food in the face of the unknown.

The same report indicated that Algeria has significantly increased the pace of expulsions of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa in recent months. Since last January, 10,000 people have been deported to the desert.

According to the same source, Algerian authorities abandoned a migrant in the desert, in temperatures reaching 45 degrees Celsius, before he was found and transported to “Assamaka”, the first border town located 15 kilometers away in Niger. But it was too late, the Malian migrant died due to the extreme heat.

The report said migrants who fail to cross to Europe from Algeria and are arrested by the police or army face various forms of torture. He specified that “the army hates all those who are Moroccan or who have the nationality of a country supporting Morocco, and they are treated harshly, without any pity or compassion.”

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