In Algeria, a stone throw ends the life of a supporter and recalls the assassination of the player Ibusi.

Algerian society is shaken by the news of the death of the young supporter of Mouloudia d’Algiers, Yacine Seghiri, more than a month after being injured by a stone thrown outside the stadium during a local championship match . He thus joins the list of victims of violence in stadiums, having lost their lives while still young.

Details of the tragic incident that occurred to 21-year-old Yacine date back to April 19, when he went with friends to support his team, Mouloudia of Algiers, in a match against the team of JS Saoura, as part of the 23rd day of the local football championship.

However, after the fan buses left to go home, he was hit by a thrown stone which hit him in the head, seriously injuring him and putting him into a coma in an intensive care unit of a hospital in Algiers for more than a month before dying.

This incident recalls the death of Cameroonian player Albert Ebossé, who played for the Algerian club JS Kabylie, after the end of his team’s match against the USM Alger club, when he received a blow to his his head with a stone thrown by angry supporters. He was quickly transported to Tizi Ouzou hospital, but died from his injuries.

Algerian stadiums are often the scene of violence, whether on or off the field, due to the authorities’ lack of control over crowds due to their lack of organizational experience, as well as the lack of security conditions in areas adjacent to stadiums.

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