Taza.. The body of a man was found inside the “Al-Marchi” municipal market

Heba Presse_Taza

This Saturday morning, the body of a man was found inside the municipal market (Marchi) in the town of Taza.

According to the Heba Press source, as soon as the victim’s body was found, traders and customers of the market quickly contacted the police officers who arrived on site to carry out the investigation.

Our sources indicated that the deceased, whose circumstances of death are still unknown, died last night.

On the orders of the General Prosecutor’s Office, the corpse was transferred to the morgue of Ibn Baja hospital, pending the results of the investigation and the medical autopsy.

Our source added that the indoor municipal market is considered a black spot in the city, as it is considered a place where believers can drink alcohol, drugs and practice vice.

The residents, according to the same source, had already written several times to the head of the municipal council to look into this issue which has been of concern for years without result, and Dar Luqman remains as it is. while waiting for the end of the mandate of these elites who played no role in the city. Conflicts between elected officials, even one of them. There is nothing important to the city other than the achievements of the National Human Initiative workers. Development. The resident praises the services of the workers and displeases the elected officials, “the popular truth in the city”.

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