A first in Africa: the two best clubs in Sudan Al Hilal and El Merreikh go into exile in Mauritania to join its championship. Document


A first in Africa or two exile to another country to join its national championship

Indeed, given that Sudan is currently in internal war and given that the football situation cannot in any case get off on a good foot, the two best clubs in the country Al Hilal and El Merreikh have therefore decided to seek refuge in Mauritania

And without much delay, the Mauritanian Football Federation accepted their request, in this sense, from the Sudanese Football Federation.

Thus, Al Hilal and El Merreikh will participate in the Mauritanian championship season 2024-2025. They will also be able to play their Champions League and CAF Cup matches in Mauritania; the Mauritanian Football Federation has even agreed to cover their costs.

However, there will be only one condition: the validation of this proposal by CAF.

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