The Consulate of Madrid anticipates the transit process by extending weekly working days

Heba Press

The Kingdom’s Consulate General in Madrid, the capital, has led an exceptional new campaign aimed at serving Moroccan immigrants and providing them with necessary administrative services, ahead of this year’s launch of Operation “Marhaba”.

The consulate concerned opened its doors yesterday, Saturday, from ten in the morning to five in the evening, while a large number of Moroccans made the pilgrimage to this center to carry out their administrative tasks, especially since today Today was the weekend they took advantage of. of this laudable initiative amidst great appreciation and praise.
A large number of Moroccans who came specifically for this purpose benefited from this process, since passports and national identity cards were completed and issued, in addition to the approval of signatures and the provision of legal and judicial consultations to the servants.

The Consulate General in “Madrid” is known for its new dynamism in processing requests from Moroccans, not in terms of speed in interacting with appointments nor in terms of reducing waiting hours, despite the large number of files received by its services. rest assured that the consular center of “Madrid” remains… The most important center in Europe brings together a very large number of Moroccans living under its consular influence, not to mention a certain number of others who benefit from its services in light of the new law. which allowed Moroccans around the world to travel to all centers without needing to reside under its consular jurisdiction.

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