It was named “Chihab 2024”… The African Lion exercise pushes Algeria to carry out maneuvers near the border with Morocco.

It appears that the annual African Lion maneuvers, carried out by the Royal Armed Forces in partnership with the US military, are increasingly frightening the Algerian military regime into rushing to flex its muscles near the border with Morocco.

Saïd Chengriha, chief of staff of the Algerian army, after being stunned by African Lion planes and helicopters carrying out their maneuvers in areas close to the Algerian border and in certain parts of the Sahara territory Moroccan, quickly gave orders to organize night military maneuvers called “Chihab 2024” in regions close to the Moroccan border.

Algerian sites reported that this exercise was carried out by units of the 38th mechanized infantry brigade, with the participation of units of various forces, technical and air support, as well as air defense of the territory.

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