Act 2: Everything you need to know about the Conference-debate of the Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency, “Together for a doping-free sport”


The Moroccan Anti-Doping Agency and the Road Running and Marathon Sports Association, in partnership with the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of National Education, Preschool and Sport in Hay El Hassani, organized the day before yesterday Friday at the High School El Yassamine, a study day under the theme: “All for a doping-free sport”

A meeting attended by more than nine sports federations, former players, former coaches and supervisors and an audience of journalists

We can frankly affirm that this conference-debate amply fulfilled its awareness-raising objectives, having focused on several abstractions which have always stood in the way of the development of a real anti-doping policy.

It showed, on the one hand, the Agency’s desire to identify this theme highlighted in all its aspects, while trying in particular to raise awareness and eradicate this scourge and its numerous negative effects on the health of the athlete, sports, also including society which, in one way or another, is a stakeholder in view of the “involuntary” action of parents towards their sporting children, but also in terms of other hazards, not only sports quality!

It goes without saying that AMAD has indeed always, since its creation three years ago, known how to think and plan, even going so far as to explain or find a plausible way to put forward its ideas, without ever skimping on the considerable effort devoted to communication with the federations in order to raise awareness and highlight all the data of the seriousness of the situation, nevertheless wishing to be able to direct all the stakeholders on the right path, as long as the message arrives wisely, knowing on the fly that it is too difficult to achieve the desired objective and that the path to follow in this perspective is full of thorns, obstacles and above all constraints.

Still, as long as the will exists among the head of AMAD Mrs. Abou Ali and her components, we can only be more optimistic

We’ll come back

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