Morocco-Gabon: Signature of a cooperation agreement for the promotion of volleyball in all categories


A cooperation agreement was signed yesterday Monday in Rabat between the Royal Moroccan Volleyball Federation and the Gabonese Volleyball Federation, aiming to promote this sport in all its categories.

The agreement was signed on the Moroccan side by Bouchra Hajije, president of the FRMV and on the Gabonese side by Raymond Bernard Bivigo, president of the Gabonese Federation, in the presence of the Gabonese Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, André Jacques Ogande.

The signing of this agreement aims to define a framework for cooperation between the two parties and to promote the exchange of expertise, in order to contribute to the development of the sports of volleyball and beach volleyball.

This agreement stipulates in particular the commitment of both parties to support cooperation and support, particularly in the areas of volleyball development, such as training and training of national teams, refereeing and training of the staff.

It also provides for direct cooperation between sports organizations working in this field in the two countries, with the aim of benefiting from knowledge and expertise in the fields of management and administration, by promoting exchanges between teams national volleyball and beach volleyball events in the youth and adult male and female categories.

This agreement aims to highlight the Moroccan expertise accumulated by the FRMV in the field of organizing regional sporting events, in terms of logistics, communication, marketing and others, and to receive the staff of the Gabonese Federation to exchange experiences, as well as to benefit from Moroccan expertise in everything relating to the promotion of school sport, youth and women.

In a statement to the press, Jacques Ogande stressed that this agreement provides for the coming of Gabonese athletes to Morocco to benefit from training and supervision, stressing that the Kingdom is one of the most advanced countries in this field. infrastructure.

The objective is to benefit from the expertise of Moroccan personnel in order to contribute to the support and training of Gabonese athletes, he said, adding that the signing of this agreement is part of the renewal and the strengthening of ties of friendship between Gabon and Morocco, “a brother and friendly country. »

For his part, Bouchra Hajije indicated in a similar statement that the signing of this agreement is part of the strengthening of cooperation between the two brotherly countries, specifying that it relates in particular to training and continuing education, as well as as well as the exchange of experiences and expertise in areas of common interest.

Two commissions have been appointed within the two supervisory ministries of the two countries to evaluate and monitor the provisions of this agreement annually, said Ms. Hajije.

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