Ait Taleb chairs a meeting in Geneva on the impact of social isolation on public health


The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Khaled Ait Taleb, chaired a high-level working session on Monday in Geneva focused on the profound effects of social isolation on public health.

During this session, organized by the Permanent Mission of the United States in Geneva in coordination with the member states represented in the Commission on the Social Bond of the World Health Organization (WHO), the minister stressed the importance of promoting social cohesion and its vital role in supporting the health of individuals and communities.

He drew attention to the growing challenges posed by social isolation globally, stating that “social isolation poses a significant risk to mental and physical health, directly affecting individuals’ quality of life.”

And to specify that this threat is exacerbated by demographic and social changes such as the aging of the population and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as by technological advances that can contribute to the worsening of this isolation.

Studies have shown that social isolation and loneliness are health risk factors similar to chronic diseases such as diabetes, air pollution and smoking, he said, noting that WHO recognizes the importance of social environments in promoting public health, as social connection is one of the main pillars along with physical and mental health.

Mr. Ait Taleb also announced that the Kingdom of Morocco will host the second face-to-face meeting of the WHO Commission on Social Link next September, adding that this event will constitute an important milestone in global efforts to combat social isolation and promote well-being.

The minister leads the Moroccan delegation to the 77th World Health Assembly, which opened on Monday and whose work will continue until June 1 under the theme “A world mobilized for health, health for everyone” .

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