A heinous crime shakes the province of Al Haouz. A young man kills three members of his family.

The “Sidi Bouamar” roundabout, affiliated with the Aghouatim community of Al Haouz province, witnessed a heinous crime during which three members of the same family were killed, while a young girl received stab wounds which required his admission to intensive care at the Marrakech regional hospital this morning, Tuesday May 28.

The perpetrator was a 26-year-old married young man who stabbed his 20-year-old wife and inflicted other fatal blows on his newborn son and 40-year-old mother-in-law, leaving them drowned. in their blood.

The newspaper’s sources indicated that marital conflicts and family problems were at the origin of the commission of the crime by the attacker, and these conflicts were the subject of previous complaints filed with the Royal Gendarmerie of the Aghouatim community of Al Haouz province, before these conflicts resulted in the commission of the aggressor. a hideous massacre, before fleeing to an unknown destination.

The same sources revealed that the attacker, after fleeing, called his father-in-law on his cell phone and told him of his intention to finish him off before committing suicide. These events left a state of extreme alert among the members of the group. The Royal Gendarmerie and the local authorities, who began their investigations and searches to arrest the perpetrator.

The corpses were sent to the morgue for autopsy, while an investigation was opened under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, to determine the conditions and circumstances of the disaster.

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