An Algerian plane kills three people, including a child, near the Tindouf camps.

The “FORSATIN” forum, which supports supporters of autonomy in the Tindouf camps, reported that an Algerian warplane bombed a large group of defenseless Sahrawis, killing three of them, including a child.

The forum revealed that an Algerian plane bombed a large group of defenseless Sahrawis in the Ikidi region, near the Tindouf camps, more precisely the Dakhla camp. The bombing targeted a civilian car and resulted in the deaths of three people, including a child.

The forum specified that they are “Majidi Ould Edda Ould Ibrahim Ould Hmim, El-Bouhali Ould Heidas, and an Azawadi child”, who were with other groups looking for gold in the region , trying to provide for themselves and overcome the difficult living conditions in the camps, with widespread unemployment and Algerian security repression. The situation is exacerbated by the blockade imposed by Polisario Front militias which close the camps and prohibit unauthorized travel, as well as another blockade imposed by Algerian army forces which surround the camps on all sides.

The forum added that this cowardly act is part of the policy of intimidation and terror adopted by the Algerian military institution and the Polisario Front to prevent detainees from fleeing to Moroccan territory.

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