Not everyone has the same luck: A Belgian takes advantage of a technical problem in his bank and withdraws 90,000 euros without being deducted from his account


A young Belgian exploited a technical problem in his bank to withdraw money 46 times, without debiting his account.

According to Belgian newspapers, the total amount withdrawn by the young man amounts to 90,000 “free” euros, indicating that this could land him in prison.

The details of the incident are due to the fact that the young man offered 1,000 euros to help one of his friends finance his wedding. He said: “I didn’t know at the time that the withdrawal of funds was not recorded, as I don’t check my account often,” and then withdrew 3,000 euros, before realizing he had there was an error in the system.

The young man took advantage of the problem of not recording any withdrawals in his account and doubled his withdrawals.

According to his lawyer, the young man wanted above all to “help a friend finance his wedding”, which “cost a lot of money”, but the Belgian “profiteer” gave 30,000 euros to his friend, and spent the rest for himself.

The lawyer confirms that “this is not an intentional theft”, nor “a kind of bank robbery”.

Meanwhile, the prosecutor demands the recovery of the stolen sum from the accused who was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

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