Montreal: Moroccan caftan in the spotlight

Hibapress / Video credit (Taraza productions)/ Photo credit (Jozinho)

The Moroccan caftan was in the spotlight during the 33rd edition of Caftan du Maroc, which was held for the first time in Montreal last weekend, on Saturday May 24, 2024, thus continuing the tradition of previous editions organized in renowned global metropolises such as Paris, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, London, Los Angeles, Washington, and Amsterdam.

Born from a collaboration between Gouchicom Events Inc and Creaevent, this event aims to highlight the Moroccan Caftan as an essential reference in international fashion, reflecting the richness and cultural diversity of Morocco.

This edition took place in a full room and had the honor of welcoming political, institutional, international business and diplomatic figures, notably Soraya Othmani, Ambassador of Morocco to Canada, Fatima Birraou, Vice-consul from Morocco to Montreal, Carmen Silva Former Ambassador of Canada to Morocco and Amina GERBA, Independent Senator for Quebec in the Senate of Canada…

Hind Zaki

During this evening, big names in Moroccan haute couture, such as Siham ElHabti, Hind Berrada, Insef Benaissa, KAzi Zoubida, Rkia Ait Blal, Fatine El Moustaine, Malika Mouzyene and Nisrine Ezzaki, presented their creations.

The prestigious “Caftan du Maroc 2024” fashion show closed this evening with exclusive, hand-picked collections, where the selected Moroccan designers were able to surprise and amaze thanks to their creativity.

The Moroccan caftan and ancestral know-how were in the spotlight last week too, during an African fashion show held in Paris with the participation of Nisrine Ezzaki and Siham ElHabti, as part of the African Fashion Week. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Noting that in 2022, the Moroccanness of the caftan was approved after its registration as Moroccan cultural heritage with ICESCO.

Here are the most notable moments of this event as well as the testimony of some participants in video:

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