Alzheimer’s: An AI predicts the disease 7 years before symptoms


Researchers have developed Artificial Intelligence (AI) which, by analyzing patient files, is capable of detecting Alzheimer’s disease up to seven years before symptoms appear.

Researchers from the University of California San Francisco, whose work was recently published in the journal Nature Aging, have developed an AI which, by analyzing patient files, is capable of predicting the appearance of this pathology up to ‘at seven years before the first signs.

Scientists have determined key factors in Alzheimer’s disease on which AI can rely for its detection. Hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol level) and osteoporosis are the two main factors, particularly in women, in addition to vitamin D deficiency.

This new technology has been tested on five million patient medical records. The tool was able to screen for the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease with an accuracy of 72% up to seven years in advance.

Researchers hope to be able to use AI on a larger scale and to screen for other difficult-to-diagnose diseases.

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