Morocco overtakes Spain and dethrones it from the first place of tomato exporters to the countries of the European Union

News that may not please certain envious and malicious neighbors, who seem more interested in news from Morocco than the Moroccans themselves. This news concerns Morocco’s position as the leading exporter of tomatoes to European Union countries.

In this regard, Morocco managed to dethrone Spain from the first place of tomato exporters to the European Union after the Kingdom exported quantities greater than those of Spain to the countries of the European Union during the first four months of this year.

According to specialized data from Eurostat, Moroccan tomatoes took first place with the largest quantity imported by European Union countries, while Spain was until recently the main exporter of this agricultural product.

The same data indicates that the volume of tomatoes exported by Moroccan farmers to the European Union in the first quarter of 2024 exceeded 210 million kilograms, or approximately 30.61% of the total tomato imports of these countries, which represents an increase of 13.78 million kilograms compared to the same period in 2023.

For its part, Spain ranked second according to the same data, with the volume of tomato exports reaching 176.5 million kilograms, or 25.7% of total tomato imports from the countries of the Union European.

In addition, several European countries prefer to import Moroccan tomatoes due to their high quality, diversity and competitive price, despite the obstacles encountered by Moroccan exporters in recent months and the acts of sabotage that have affected their products in some countries. regions of France and Spain, where farmers from these countries intercepted trucks transporting these products, unhappy with competition from Moroccan products on their own European territory.

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