Wahbi admits to having employed Rafiki and declares: “We did a good deed for him… May God finish him.” »

The Minister of Justice, Abdelatif Wahbi, admitted to having employed his advisor Abdelwahab Rafiki in the competition for judicial delegates.

Taking advantage of the meeting of the Justice Commission at the House of Advisors, on the subject of the law on alternative sentences, this Wednesday, Wahbi responded to those who criticized the decision to employ Rafiki. He added: “We did a good deed for him… Even a good deed, they don’t let us do it, so we should only do bad deeds.” »

Wahbi praised Rafiki’s academic level, indicating that the latter holds a doctorate, has conducted research and written important works, and that he passed the job competition with candidates who only had a bachelor’s degree. .

The Minister of Justice insisted on the legality of Rafiki’s employment, specifying that any person over the legal age can submit a request to the head of government to obtain exceptional authorization, and that if they have committed a crime and two years have passed without there being a new infringement, it is erased.

Wahbi affirmed that Rafiki’s employment in the ministry will save him socially, before concluding by saying: “May God finish him.” »

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