Tetouan: Death of a Moroccan inside the Spanish consulate after his visa application was refused

A painful tragedy occurred this Wednesday morning at the Spanish Consulate General, costing the life of a Moroccan citizen who breathed his last inside the consulate, amid the amazement and astonishment of all.

Our sources confirm that the tragedy occurred following the visa refusal received by the victim, who had submitted his file to consular services a few days earlier. This morning, he was surprised by receiving his passport accompanied by another document indicating the refusal of his file.

According to eyewitnesses, the consulate was shaken by the incident, and its services were completely disrupted while a situation of confusion reigned among employees and private security agents.

Security authorities quickly went to the Spanish consulate to carry out an investigation following this strange death resulting from visa refusal.

Information disclosed by acquaintances of the deceased confirms that he had all the necessary documents to obtain a Schengen visa, and that the refusal decision was a powerful shock that the victim did not expect, even in his worst nightmares.

Human rights organizations and civil associations intervened in this tragedy, especially since they had organized a demonstration in front of the same consulate two weeks ago, accusing it of humiliating Moroccans. and use discriminatory methods against them. This pushed the diplomatic institution to break its silence and confirm that 70% of requests are accepted in accordance with the laws in force and bilateral relations between Morocco and Spain.

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