2024/ Forecast production of main cereals: three regions contribute 84% to national production


A forecast production of main cereals estimated at 31.2 Mqx

The area sown with main cereals for this 2024 campaign is 2.47 million hectares compared to 3.67 million hectares in 2022/23, a drop of 33%. The harvestable area is estimated at 1.85 million hectares, or nearly 75% of the sown area.

With a forecast average yield at the national level of 16.9 Qx/Ha, the forecast production of the three main cereals for the campaign is estimated at 31.2 million quintals compared to 55.1 million quintals in 2022/23, in drop of 43% compared to the previous campaign. By species, the forecast production is:

– 17.5 million quintals for soft wheat;

– 7.1 million quintals for durum wheat;

– 6.6 million quintals for barley.

In terms of regional distribution, three regions contribute 84% to national production; Fez-Meknes at 37.1%, Rabat-Salé-Kénitra at 28.9% and Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima at 18.2%.

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