Contribution of the agricultural sector to the national economy


Despite difficult climatic conditions, for the third consecutive campaign, and widespread water stress, the agricultural sector continues to ensure regular supplies to the national market thanks to the strong mobilization of the Ministry’s services and professionals in the sector.

Furthermore, the ministry recalls the series of measures and arrangements taken to ensure the smooth running of the 2023-24 agricultural campaign and strengthen support for the development of agricultural sectors in the very restrictive and difficult climatic conditions.

These measures relate in particular to the supply of production factors (seeds and fertilizers), the development of agricultural sectors, the management of irrigation water, agricultural insurance, financing and support for farmers.

Nearly 1.1 million quintals of certified cereal seeds were placed on the market at subsidized prices of 210 dh/quintal for soft wheat and barley, and 290 dh/quintal for durum wheat.

And in line with the High Royal Instructions, the ministry has implemented a program to reduce the impact of the rainfall deficit, aiming to safeguard plant and animal capital.

As such, a financial subsidy was mobilized for the benefit of farmers for the acquisition of nitrogen fertilizers, seeds and plants of round tomatoes, onions and potatoes, in order to ensure the normal and regular supply of markets for agricultural products.

Furthermore, the department continued to encourage investment in the agricultural sector through the granting of incentives under the Agricultural Development Fund (FDA) and the launch of new incentives as part of the implementation of the Generation Green strategy.

Concerning agricultural insurance, the program made it possible to reach 1 million hectares of areas covered with cereals, legumes and oilseeds.

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