WAID promotes Africa’s cultural industry at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival

Hibapress / Abdelkrim Mahyaoui

Hassan BENZZINE, President World and Africa for Investment and Development (WAID) represented his NGO at the Cannes Film Festival at the invitation of Bénita Jacques and Elody Ngambi to the official screening of the documentary film “Africa, cradle of humanity and modern civilizations”, written, directed and co-produced by Bénita Jacques.

The president expressed on this occasion his pride in being of Moroccan origin where Morocco is experiencing a strong acceleration in its geographical and historical links with the continent in accordance with the Royal Will.

This film, the fruit of a gigantic effort, took its director 12 years of work based on scientific, historical, sociological, anthropological and political research. A platform aimed at illuminating the African past in a peaceful way to build the future, reconcile us with each other and celebrate a world enriched by diversity and the contributions of civilizations in the modern era. This documentary aims to place Africa in its rightful place in the history of humanity and makes our children proud of their origins where they live. It deserves to be broadcast all over the world to make us better aware of who we are? but also to reconcile us with each other and not against each other. I am convinced that the African diasporas in their widest diversity can play a driving role in building socio-economic and cultural bridges between Africa and the rest of the world, such is the main mission of our NGO WAID founded in Strasbourg. . A quarter of the world’s population will live in Africa by 2050, including 35% of the world’s youth. It seems to me that we, Africa, the West, and the rest of the world have a duty to prepare a better future for our children from a common history, those who will make the world of tomorrow. It is an act of love and responsibility towards our loved ones that we should leave tomorrow! For a long time, Bénita, a young mother from Montreal, has always asked herself questions relating to her origins, to which she has never obtained answers. Today, the young mother wants to provide answers. WAID hopes that this living testimony can contribute to giving back to Africans their pride and dignity as descendants of men and women of greatness, mastering the sciences, building empires, elevating civilizations and inspiring what we today call the modern world today.

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