Human development: Morocco climbs three places in the world rankings


Morocco climbed three places in the global ranking of the Human Development Index, according to the 2023-2024 global human development report published Wednesday in New York by the United Nations Development Program.

The report, which constitutes a reference in the analysis of development indicators and challenges in the world, reports on the efforts made by Morocco in terms of human development, particularly in the areas of education, health and economic development, to guarantee social inclusion and equitable opportunities for all citizens, indicates a press release from the National Observatory of Human Development.

Morocco has indeed moved from 123rd to 120th place in the world, which constitutes an important achievement in terms of ranking, underlines the Observatory, noting that for the first time in more than ten years, Morocco achieves such a performance in improving his ranking by three places in one go.

The global human development report also highlighted the Kingdom’s continued efforts to close gender-based gaps, noting at the same time the need to continue to facilitate women’s access to education, health and to opportunities for economic integration.

Generally speaking, according to the press release, the report highlights tangible achievements in terms of sustainable development and social inclusion, while emphasizing the imperative to continue efforts in terms of improving access to education and health, economic integration and the fight against climate change.

On this occasion, the National Observatory of Human Development affirms that “this achievement constitutes a UN recognition of the efforts made by Morocco in terms of implementation of various projects of the social State in accordance with the High Royal Vision and this, notably through a profound reform of the health and education systems, the generalization of access to medical coverage, the launch of direct social assistance and direct housing assistance programs and birth bonuses, in full compliance with Royal Directives”.

The Observatory positively records the government approach in the implementation of the High Royal Guidelines aimed at making the family the basis of any reform and social program, the aim being to preserve society against the risks of economic and social vulnerability, concludes the press release.

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