The ONMT promotes the Morocco destination in Shanghai


The Moroccan National Tourism Office (ONMT), accompanied by a strong delegation of Moroccan operators, went to meet Chinese tourism operators in Shanghai, during ITB China, the largest exclusive professional exhibition for Chinese travel market.

Held from May 27 to 29, the ITB China 2024 show was an opportunity for the ONMT to renew its partnerships with its main partners, in particular with the Chinese travel giant CTrip, and to link up with two of the largest tours- operators in the Guangzhou & Shenzhen region: JZL and NiceTour.

“Several other partnerships with major tour operators in the Beijing region, notably CYTS, CTG and HCG, are under discussion,” the Office said in a press release, adding that “Moroccan operators, travel agents and hoteliers, supported by the ONMT, have for their part initiated contacts with their Chinese counterparts to put in place the milestones for fruitful commercial cooperation.

Taking part in this event for the first time, the ONMT represented Morocco with “elegance and determination”, with the aim of boosting future arrivals of Chinese tourists, the press release indicated.

ITB China 2024, held under the theme “Thriving in Transformation, Reaching New Heights.” Together”, brought together more than 800 exhibitors from more than 80 countries. For the ONMT, this theme “reflects the importance of adaptability and innovation in the travel industry, as well as the enormous untapped potential of the Chinese tourism market”.

“The Chinese market is experiencing dazzling growth and offers extraordinary development prospects. It is therefore important for the Office to approach the largest Chinese travel advisors so that they support its “Light In Action” strategy aimed at boosting the Moroccan tourism sector,” continued the same source, specifying that the objective, ultimately, is to welcome some 500,000 Chinese tourists per year.

Promotional campaigns, marketing and educational tours are also on the ONMT’s program of actions to strengthen the enthusiasm of Chinese tourists for Morocco.

With a population of more than 1.4 billion inhabitants, of whom 150 million travel the world each year, China, the leading supplier of tourists in the world, constitutes a market with very high potential for Moroccan tourism and is therefore a market privileged target in the ONMT’s “Light In Action” strategy, noted the Office.

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