The Moroccan national Muay Thai team will participate, starting tomorrow, in the world championships in Greece


The Moroccan national Muay Thai elite left the country for Patras, Greece, where they will participate in the Muay Thai World Championships organized by the International Muay Thai Federation (IFMA) between May 31 and June 10, 2024.

The Moroccan delegation will be composed of Hamza Rachid, who will compete in less than 67kg, Yassine Mahsoun in less than 67kg, Ahmed Amnan in less than 51kg, Kalthoum Akhlouf in less than 48kg, Selma Agbor in less than 54kg, Doaa Akhlouf in less than 60kg , Kawthar Baarab in less than 63.5kg, Soumia Thalaoui in less than 71kg and Khawla Daqali in more than 75kg.

The Moroccan national Muay Thai team will be technically supported during this international competition by the national coach Mr. Lahcen Wasso and the national team coach Mr. Khoya Jawad.

The Moroccan delegation also includes team doctor Dr. Nabil Boujida, while Moroccan referees will be represented at this world championship by Hicham Guabri and Mustapha El Ghannam, who is also the head of the delegation.

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