Assault on Mohamed Chibi: The verdict against Hussein El Shahat is in


The Egyptian court has decided to sentence Hussein El Shahat, player of the Egyptian club Al Ahly, to a prison sentence of one year and three years suspended, as well as a ban on all sporting activity for five years. In addition, he was fined 100,000 Egyptian pounds (around 21,000 dirhams), after being accused of assault against Moroccan international player Mohamed Chibi, our colleagues from HIBAPRESS report.

El Shahat expressed his intention to appeal the decision, according to the Egyptian press.

The verdict was made public this Thursday, May 30, after a thorough investigation into the incident which occurred during a match between Al Ahly and Pyramids FC. The attack occurred at the end of the match, when El Shahat slapped Chibi, an act captured and widely disseminated by the media and social networks.

Chibi’s reaction was immediate and firm, refusing to cede his rights despite several subsequent attempts at reconciliation. Al Ahly, in an attempt to protect its player, had appealed to the Egyptian Federation to sanction Chibi for taking the matter to ordinary justice in a sporting dispute, which the Egyptian Football Federation had refused.

The Moroccan international insisted on taking the case to court to defend his rights, believing that the disciplinary committee of the Egyptian Federation had not supported him after the attack he suffered. This commission was content to suspend Hussein El Shahat for two matches and to impose a fine of 20,000 Egyptian pounds (around 4,200 dirhams) as a sanction.

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